• The following exam registrations are open for regular and FE students.

The last date for registration and fee payment to college is 14/03/2024.

1.      B.Tech S8 (R, S) Exam May 2024 (2019 Scheme)

2.      B.Tech S6 (R, S) Exam May 2024 (2019 Scheme)

3.      B.Tech S2 (R,S) Exam May 2024 (2019 scheme)  

4.      B.Tech S4 (R,S) Exam May 2024 (2019 scheme)


1.      Exam registration for supplementary students will be notified later.

2.      Sureksha Enrolled students can only register for the exams.

3.      Students are directed to clear the browser history or try from incognito window. Please do not refresh or click on the browser back button till registration is complete.

4.  The exam registration will be available under the tab Student  – Course / exam registration

 Please find the link for exam fee payment.